Saturday, April 4, 2015


Hey. I've been contemplating life.

More specifically, the life of this blog. I don't do much contemplating very often, so that's saying something.

Anyway, I had an epiphany.

A revelation.

A discovery.

A "there's not enough stuff about Zelda to write about so I might as well expand my content to encompass other material" type of moment.

Yeah. I've been thinking about it, and I've decided to write about other games and such. It's still primarily a Zelda blog, and I'm far too lazy to change the name or the banner or the background or anything else, so don't worry about that. I'm just thinking that writing about stuff other than Zelda in addition to Zelda would be pretty neat.

Another reason for this change is that hardly any people read this blog anyway (90% of that is my fault; I guess I'm just way too consistent in my posting for some people. Look, I had 58 posts in 2013 and 3 in 2014. It doesn't get much better than that).

Obvious sarcasm aside, I came to the conclusion that since not enough people read this anyway for it to be entirely worth my time to solely write about Zelda news, I might as well turn this into sort of a journal-blog hybrid to capture my experiences and progress as a gamer.


Yeah, I made that sound incredibly overcomplicated. I just want a journal of sorts. That's out on the internet... for anyone to read. Creepy people. Like you.

Only joking, haha. I still embrace and encourage any readers I can get, but I figured since that number is so low I'll do this for my own purposes too, so I can look back at the end of the day and say "Hey. I sure wasted a lot of time playing games. Cool."

So what does this all mean? Well, right now I'm currently playing through Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Pokemon Y, Dark Souls, and Fire Emblem Awakening. I just completed Majora's Mask 3D 100% (yes, that includes all 24 kinds of fish), so I'm likely going to be doing updates on those games. And more. You'll see.

All in all, I'd expect about 50% Zelda, 50% other stuff. Mostly Nintendo.

So, to wrap this up, I'd like to leave these here, just to brag about my 5 hours of "fun, hearty gameplay" spent fishing in each of the fishing holes.

That's right. I'm pretty cool.

And I guess I'll wrap this up here. To all you lovely nonexistent readers, be expecting some new posts about various games. And rest assured, I'll stay inconsistent as always.

Thanks for putting up with my incredibly obnoxious posts!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

(Old Post) Hyrule Warriors Release!

Well, this is actually an article back from September. I never really got around to finishing it, but I talked about a few of my pre-release thoughts on the game and stuff like that. I figured it'd be better to post it than to just let it sit here and rot in a hypothetical virtual jail cell of unfinished posts, so... here you go!


So, I'm just going to pretend I haven't been gone for half a year, and pick up where I left off.

Anyway, today marks the final release of Hyrule Warriors! Now, I haven't quite gotten it yet, but I plan to. Hopefully. Sometime. I'm a bit short on money right now, and I've got several games I want to get first.

Alright, I guess I owe an explanation. I've just been really lazy. I make that excuse a lot, but you know... procrastination is a strong force of nature. Almost as strong as gravity. Or something.

That being said, I've got a lot to catch up on, but I figured I'd start here, given that this is Hyrule Warriors's release day in North America.

I have to say, I'm not as hyped for the game as I was several months ago. I think I just got sick of all the news, screenshots, trailers, reveals, and more news. I swear, 2 out of 3 articles I've seen about Zelda have been Hyrule Warriors-related. It's gotten on my nerves a bit. It's just a spinoff, after all.

But is it?

I mean, it looks to be really faithful to the franchise, and don't get me wrong, I'm hyped as heck for it. I can't say I've every played any Dynasty Warriors games, but the inclusion of Zelda into the gameplay looks pretty sweet. I'm just a little tired of the articles. Then again, there's nothing else Zelda-related going on right now. Here's to hoping they show some footage of Zelda Wii U before the end of the year. Or maybe some Majora's Mask 3D?


Nintendo. Please. You've been teasing it for at least 2 years now. Just do it already!

Well, anyway, back to Hyrule Warriors...

It's out! Hooray! As I said, I don't plan on getting it today, but hopefully within a couple weeks I'll be able to pick it up.

I'll probably post my early impressions on it once I start playing. If I ever get this post out, that is.


Annnnnnddddddd that's where I left off. Not much to say here, so I guess I'll just leave it at that. See you next time with a real post about my thoughts on HW. Bye!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year's & 2 Year Anniversary!

Hey, everyone. It's been a very long time since I've last posted, and no, I didn't die in Peru. If that's what you assumed from my last post. No? Alright.

Well, anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's to everyone who's reading this! It's now 2015, and from the looks of it, this is going to be a very big year for Zelda fans. 2014 was a pretty great year for Nintendo fans, but aside from Hyrule Warriors there wasn't much Zelda action going on. Well, until December, that is.

Nintendo gave us two awesome announcements for 2015: Majora's Mask 3D and Zelda Wii U. I'll make separate posts on those at a later date, but I'm pretty dang excited for the both of them.

Overall, 2014's been a pretty great year for me. I took an awesome mission trip to Peru back in the spring, I had an awesome vacation with my friends in the Bahamas over the summer, I spent 3 weeks on staff at a summer camp, and I've maintained pretty great grades. I've really enjoyed 2014.

Anyhow, I'm about a week late, but I'd like to wish everyone out there an awesome Christmas (or happy holidays, if that's what you're in to). I hope everyone's Christmas was as great as mine! I got quite a few games that I've been wanting to get for some time now, but instead of listing them off, I'll just post a picture here:

I got Super Mario 3D Land and New Super Mario Bros. 2, Pokemon Y, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Dark Souls, Bioshock Infinite, and eshop credit for Shovel Knight. I just defeated the purpose of that picture, but.... it looks cool, I guess. :P

I haven't had the time to start any of these except Shovel Knight, since I'm still trying to finish up the plethora of games I've been playing over the past several months. It's been pretty overwhelming (pathetic, I know).

I've recently completed Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, Hyrule Warriors (upcoming post on that), Four Swords Adventures, Metroid Prime, Pikmin 3, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and I'm still playing Super Smash Bros and the new Mario Kart 8 DLC.

Aside from games, I got a couple movies, some books, among other things. So yeah! I guess you could say this Christmas has been pretty... cool... heh...

It's actually been relatively warm these past few weeks, so I don't know what that was about.


Anniversaries! Yeah! 2nd one! Happy anniversary to me, I guess... Not that this second year has been much of a year for blogging, but I'll hopefully change that for 2015. Might as well add it to my non-existent list of New Year's Resolutions.

Well, I think that's all for now. I'll be back fairly soon with my thoughts after completing Hyrule Warriors, as well as my hopes for MM3D and Zelda Wii U. Oh, shoot.... there was this one post I still have saved as a draft from back in September before Hyrule Warriors was out.

I might post that first.

Anyway, enough with dragging on this post. I'll see you all in a few days. Bye!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Zelda Wii U Hopes

Hi, everyone.

I really, really want to apologize for not posting in a month. It's a serious problem, I know, and I promise I'm going to do my best to fix it in the near future. This time I've just been really busy. I've had sooo much on my plate over the past several weeks, and I've really just had no time. Just to emphasize this, I started a replay of Spirit Tracks back at the very beginning of February, and haven't even gotten to the first dungeon. And that's pretty much the only game I've been playing.

Oh, not to mention, I'm also going on an interim trip this week to Peru. Fun.

But I promise I'll do better with posting more after Spring Break, which is two weeks from now for my school.

Anyway, the purpose of this article was to talk about my hopes/expectations for Zelda Wii U. So that's what I'm gonna do. And sorry if this article's kind of short, because I've got to leave for the airport tomorrow, and I've been busy with packing and homework, and I really should finish up the rest of my work and go to bed. But I really needed to do this, seeing as I'll be gone for the majority of the next week and a half.

So, we're guaranteed to get a Zelda U announcement at E3. Does this mean we can't get one before then? No. But I'd say it's pretty likely we'll be waiting until then.

But really, that's only about 3 months away, which isn't too bad! So, since so many people have seemed to be talking about it lately, now that all the ALBW hype is over, I've decided to share my thoughts on it.

Firstly, I really want a huge overworld. Huge, but not empty. Majora's Mask had plenty to do, but its world was pretty tiny. Twilight Princess and Wind Waker, on the other hand, were quite the opposite. I want an overworld with lots of sidequests and characters, but one that is absolutely huge.

Another interesting detail they could add would be the ability to see future/past locations and such from distant vantage points. I'm kind of thinking along the lines of Super Mario Sunshine, where you could see just about every location no matter where you are, which really helps with immersion. If a large portion of the overworld was rendered at once, then we could do something awesome like seeing Hyrule Castle in the far distance while standing on top of a huge mountain.

As for (non)linearity, I don't really have much of an opinion on this. Sure, nonlinearity can be great, and it worked really well in A Link Between Worlds. It seems to be the most popular opinion on the internet right now that nonlinearity rules in Zelda games. But linearity in a game opens up so much potential for a great story in a game. You can have a balance, yes, but the story of Skyward Sword, for example, really wouldn't have worked without its linearity. And contrary to many people's opinions, I actually didn't mind the linearity in Skyward Sword. I feel like it had the amount of linearity that was right for it. Heck, it let you choose the order in which you visited the three dragons, didn't it? That's more nonlinearity than Twilight Princess had, and I don't see it getting any hate for it. Sure, there was that game-breaking glitch, but that only occurred if you talked to a specific Goron both before and after doing the Lanayru quest first.

I digress. My point here isn't to defend Skyward Sword. I'm just trying to say that, in my opinion, at least, linearity doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing.

Graphics. Hm. This is possibly one of the most controversial topics about gaming to be found on the internet. Honestly, I love the graphics of pretty much every Zelda game, and I think they all do great jobs of pushing their respective hardware. I'm a fan of Wind Waker's graphics, but I also think Twilight Princess's graphics worked well for that specific game. I honestly don't care what graphics they use, as long as they fit the tone of the game. Graphics don't make or break a game by any means, but they can certainly help bring out the game's story and themes. I just hope Nintendo does a good job choosing the right graphics for the game.

I also want lots of sidequests. Definitely not a Skyrim-sized amount of sidequests, because I often felt completely and utterly overwhelmed with all the stuff you can do in that game. It's pretty daunting if you're not used to it.

However, I still want a good amount of side content to be in the game, to give me something to do outside of the main quest. Especially post-game content. That's something a lot of Zelda games lack. Not a replayable mode like Hero Mode, but just more quests, areas, or even dungeons that can't be accessed until you actually complete the main portion of the game. I just think something like that would be really cool in a Zelda game.

Most of all, I just want this game to be LONG. Really, really, really long. I can't state this enough. It's a problem I have with some Zelda games. Especially new releases. I'm such a huge Zelda geek that I devote just about every single second of my free time to playing a Zelda game after it's released, until I beat it. Normally, I try to pace myself so I'm not done too fast, and I think I did a pretty good job with Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword (which is still a fairly long Zelda game in its own right). But for A Link Between Worlds I just had no self control. I literally took my 3DS into the movie theater that night to see Catching Fire (which was, by the way, really good), and I was playing it all throughout the previews. It was pretty awesome when an ad for A Link Between Worlds came on as I was playing the game. I was really tempted to turn around to everyone in the theater and shout "I HAVE THAT GAME!!!!" in my fanboyish hype. But my point is, I ended up beating the game Sunday morning. I got it Friday at 4:30, after school. And I beat it less than 48 hours later. That's why I really, really hope that Zelda U is a long game. I want to be able to sit down and play it without self-restraint, and still have the game last several weeks.

As for DLC, I'm not going to go into that right now. I really don't have the time or energy to talk about that right now. I've almost fallen asleep two times while writing this, and I still have an English essay to rewrite.

Anyway, those are my main wishes for Zelda U. I really hope they'll give it a title at E3, because I hate calling it Zelda U. I'm not really sure why.

So, I'll see you all in a week or two! Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your own Zelda U expectations in the comments. Bye!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Why I Love Majora's Mask

What? He's posting a personal opinion on his blog? What sort of anarchy is this?

It's the anarchy called my blog.

Now, I've been planning this editorial of sorts for a while now, but I've been busy with school and other activities over the past month. Literally. The last time I posted was New Year's. It's been a month.

So I've been busy... and also lazy. Really lazy. The small amount of spare time I've spent playing video games, messing around on the internet, and Skyping with friends. So... there's that.

Anywho, I decided to gather up my willpower and write this, since today is also the day that Majora's Mask won Zelda Informer's first annual Zelda game matchup.

Really quickly, before I get into my post, I just want to point something out. Four Swords Anniversary Edition is back on the 3DS eshop, but only for two more days (until February 2nd)! So be sure to get that if you haven't already. It's free. For those of you who didn't know, it's a revamped version of Four Swords for the GBA that was available for free download for early adopters of the 3DS (which, sadly, did not include me), but now it's back for just a few days.

Punny, Nintendo. Very punny.

The Anniversary Edition of Four Swords includes several new levels, and single-player mode. I actually took the time to get the GBA link cable several months back, which you may or may not know, so I've already played it through with my friends. However, now I'm free to play it whenever I want, which is a nice touch. Oh, and they have the Realm of Memories! You can play levels from A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, and The Legend of Zelda, with Four Swords-style gameplay.

I mean, who doesn't love this?

Back to Majora's Mask. [Insert transition statement here]

So, recently it has clearly become fairly popular to be a fan of Majora's Mask, or to favor it above other Zelda games. Many people claim that they've loved it for a while, and they're not part of this fairly new mass change of mind. I can't really say the same, as I never got around to playing Majora's Mask until sometime around late 2011 or early 2012. Anyway, the point is, I liked it for what it was, not because it was "cool" to like it. Which brings me to my next point.

I've seen a lot of people around the internet discount Majora's Mask fans as hipsters who only like the game because it's... well... "hipster". Although that's kind of ironic, seeing as though it's clearly one of the more mainstream games within the fanbase now, so it's really not hipster at all.

Regardless, the purpose of this post is to pretty much explain what I love about Majora's Mask.

First off, and I'm sure any Majora's Mask fan can agree with me here, the sidequests. I'm tempted to say this game has more sidequest-related gameplay than it does for the actual main story, and in my opinion, this is a good thing. It encourages the player to dig deeper and to actually explore the different things to do in the game.

"Oh but i hate sidequests because sidequests are pointless and they're tedious and i hate them so that's why i hate majora's mask"

They're called sidequests for a reason. They're optional. You don't have to do them.

Now, when I mention sidequests, two things come to mind: the Anju and Kafei quest, and the Romani quest. These are certainly the two largest sidequests in the game, if not in any Zelda game. Except these sidequests aren't just sidequests. They're stories within themselves.

Now, throughout the game, you can access Romani Ranch on the second and third days. The little girl, Romani, always seems a little off. She hardly says anything, and she seems pretty depressed. Someway through the game, you'll gain access to the ranch on the first day, and she seems lively and perky. You can then start this whole ordeal about aliens coming to the farm and taking cows and Romani and whatnot... and she asks you to help her. You say yes, and stuff happens... you stop the aliens and saves the day. But the real creepy part happens when you don't stop the aliens. Romani, the perky, lively girl who nicknamed you "Grasshopper", gets abducted along with the cows and isn't seen again until the next day. Now, she has dark circles under her eyes, a blank expression, and is pretty much a living zombie. It really makes you wonder what the aliens did to her. And all this could have been easily missed if someone were to simply run through the game just to beat it. Majora's Mask really rewards you for digging deeper, and that's one reason I like it.

...Huh. Now that I think about it, this is actually really similar to this board game I had called Cosmic Cows, in which you play the role of aliens... abducting cows...

I know it's a somewhat common theme, but it's weird I just made that connection.

EDIT: Found it. XD

Anyway. My point wasn't to make a strange reference to a random board game. I was trying to point out the subtle dark themes in Majora's Mask's story. Did I succeed? I... I really don't know...

Next we have the Anju and Kafei quest, where you help Anju, a lady, and Kafei, a man who got turned into a child by Skull Kid, reunite. There's a ton of optional story content to be found here, and it's all really touching. Especially when, at the end of the quest, they're reunited and they thank you by giving you the Couple's Mask. And then you leave them by going back in time. And they die.

And now this brings me to the story. The story itself is just... dark. Anywhere you are in the overworld, you can look up and see this massive hunk of rock hurling itself at you, reminding you of your impending doom. The Moon itself is awesome and creepy. And Skull Kid, possessed by Majora's Mask, is the one causing it. Throughout the game, you realize that Skull Kid was just lonely after all, and he felt abandoned when his friends (the giants) left him. 

You'd think he could've looked for a guidance counselor before trying to end the world and all...

Terrible jokes aside, it really is a dark, yet touching, story.

Another reason I love this game is the 3-day time limit. It adds an entire new concept to sidequests in the form of time-based events. Certain events happen at certain times on certain days, and you learn when and where to be for different things. For example, stopping a thief from stealing from an old lady on Night 1 will reward you with a mask and the option of getting a bomb bag. However, it will also prevent the thief from appearing at his hideout on Day 3, preventing you from doing other things.

"Oh but wait i hate the time limit because it makes me rush in dungeons and i hate being rushed so i hate majora's mask"


With the Inverted Song of Time, you have 2 hours and 42 minutes (real time) for each cycle. Never once in a Zelda game has it taken me 2 hours and 42 minutes to complete a dungeon, much less a Majora's Mask dungeon, which tend to be shorter than some.

And can anyone really deny that the time limit takes away more than it adds?

That was a stupid question. Of course they can. Even if I disagree with them 100%.

I also love the innovative gameplay. Specifically, the transformation masks. Instead of playing as one character, you get to play as four. Everyone's familiar with Link's moves, but you get to learn a whole array of different skills based on each of Link's forms, and use them to your advantage in various dungeons.

The dungeons themselves didn't stand out too much to me, although I do love the Stone Tower Temple, and I'm quite fond of the Snowhead Temple as well. All of the dungeons in this game revolve around one major theme (except the first one), and that is changing the layout of the dungeon itself. There is one central room or concept that is changed around and back and forth as you progress throughout the dungeon. In Snowhead, there's a big pillar in the central room, and in Great Bay, there's the flow of the water itself throughout the dungeon. And then in Stone Tower Temple, you literally flip the entire temple upside down, which is why it's one of my favorite, if not the favorite, temple in any Zelda game.

There's just so much sadness and darkness to be found throughout the game. Whether it's the brave, courageous sword master cowering in the back of his dojo, the tragic story of Pamela's father being turned into a Gibdo, or Darmani dying and leaving his village behind, struggling to go on without him, there seems to be something touching in every corner of the game. It makes you feel so small and insignificant in the game when you realize everything you've done to help the people, every good deed you did, was for nothing, since they'll all die in several hours anyway. And when you go back in time, there's only enough time to help maybe one or two sets of characters, not all of them. So for every person you help, there's 10 more that die unhappily. It makes you feel like a little kid, lost in a big world, just struggling to find a way out. That's why I love Majora's Mask.

Oh, and it has a volcano. I mean, what other Zelda game has a volcano?

Okay, just about every other Zelda game. But this is a cool, swampy volcano. So that's different.

That's all I'm going to talk about. There's a bunch of smaller things that I decided to leave out, and there's probably some major things that I'm forgetting. It's pretty late, and I'm tired, and I've still got an English paper to write due tomorrow at 8:00. Who assigns due dates/times for weekend homework? And I never get up until at least 10:00 anyway, so I pretty much have to do it tonight. So the second half of this post might have been a little rushed. Sorry about that.

Tell me your thoughts on Majora's Mask in the comments! Love it? Hate it? Haven't played it? Indifferent? Other (please specify)? Um... that last one was a joke. You don't have to specify if you don't want to.   ._.

Well, I'll see you all later. I planned this as a one-time thing, but I had fun writing it, so I might do it again for some other favorite games in the series. We'll see.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Triforce Talk's One-year Anniversary! (Oh, and Merry Christmas/Happy New Year)

A year ago, just at the start of 2013 (literally, at like 2:00 AM), I decided to make a blog.

A blog with an incredibly cheesy name with no real purpose other than to post my random thoughts.

And now it's been a year, so I just had to make a post recognizing this. Look how much it's grown!

Well, to be honest, not much. XD But hey, 4 followers is a start. Ignore the fact that one of them is me. That's irrelevant. Sort of.

But hey, it's nice to get comments and to see that people are actually reading these. Thank you to all of those who stuck with me (and those who didn't).

Let's see... oh, that non-existent Christmas post that I promised you all...

Well Merry Christmas! And now it's New Year, so Happy New Year too. Which brings me back to my original statement - the one-year anniversary.

Gosh, I really can't think of anything worthwhile to write.


Ah! Christmas presents! Let's see, for Christmas I got Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World, Metroid Prime Trilogy, which are all really fun. I'm actually about to beat Wind Waker HD, which I was going to do before I realized it was my blog's anniversary. Yay, anniversaries...

Where am I going with this?

I also got a used copy of Four Swords Adventures, completing my Zelda game collection, but I have yet to play it. I'm waiting for my friend to get one of those stupid GBA/GC link cables so we can play it together. And a new copy of Phantom Hourglass, since I lost my old one, which was never really mine, because when we were 9 a different friend left his at my house and I sort of never gave it back.

And then I got a new bike and a French Horn (which I play in band)... Yup.

Since anything and everything that I planned on writing is slipping my mind right now, I'm going to stop boring you with this halfway pointless post.

Expect something Majora's Mask related from me in a week or two.

Happy Holidays, and bye!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Link Between Worlds Impressions (Part 2)

EDIT: I forgot to mention Hyrule Warriors. Yay... new spinoff. Dynasty Warriors/Zelda mashup. It looks alright. I'll probably get it, but I'm not as excited about it as most people.



Finals are over.

That was rough.

It's Christmas break, though, so I'm really relieved. I've been so lazy over the past few days, and as you can imagine that entails Zelda. Lots of Zelda. Specifically Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time Master Quest. This post is about A Link Between Worlds, though, and since my last post, I've completed Hero Mode. Gosh, I really love this game.

Really quickly, I need to talk about some Majora's Mask-related stuff, though. So bear with me.

First, my Majora's Mask Soundtrack arrived! Finally, my premium Club Nintendo status has paid off.

I've also been reading an awesome Majora's Mask fanfiction called Insomnia (you should check it out.) So, since my Majora's Mask soundtrack arrived just after I started reading this, I had an idea. I still can't decide if it's brilliant or very stupid.

Pretty much, while I'm reading, I play the song on repeat for the area the story is taking place in. Whenever it enters a new area, I switch to the corresponding song. I know, it seems is incrediby cheesy, but there's a song for literally everything in the game, and it's really immersive.

That, and a live-action short film for Majora's Mask entitled "Skull Kid: A Zelda Legend" recently came out. It's about 8 minutes, and it's a really, really awesome video that takes the perspective of Skull Kid. You should also check that out.

Anyway, now that that's over with, back to A Link Between Worlds.

Let's see, I already covered graphics, length, music...  Now I've got dungeons, characters, story, and bosses.

I'll start with the dungeons. These dungeons are AMAZING. The puzzles in them are so innovative, creative, and unique to any other Zelda game. They're truly masterpieces. One of my favorite puzzles was in the Swamp Palace, where you had to constantly redirect water flows to create multiple small streams and fill various chasms with water.

Here's a small screenshot of part of that puzzle.

Another notable thing is the entirety of Turtle Rock, which is pretty much just one big, epic puzzle/maze. There are two floors, and they're both huge pools of lava with tons of grating and balance-beam like structures, and you have to navigate its many smaller rooms on its perimeter. The dungeon itself is actually quite small, but it'll have you wandering around for quite some time.

The Tower of Hera also had a very vertical aspect to it, and it really required you to use your new ability of turning into a drawing on the wall. This whole game makes you think outside the box a lot.
And Thieves' Hideout is a fairly simple dungeon, but the way it's designed is, with a lack of any other words, awesome. You start out at the top of the hideout, which doubles as a jail of sorts, and work your way down. As you descend, you notice that there are a bunch of puzzles that can't be solved because you need two switches to be pushed, etc. When you reach the bottom, you find a Thief Girl who says, "Ohh, thank you very much! You saved my life. Please take me outside." Sound familiar? Nah, don't worry, she's not Blind. But the game really wants you to think that.

Lastly, the Ice Ruins. This is actually my favorite dungeon in the game, which is strange, because I hate ice dungeons. In A Link to the Past, I hated the Ice Palace. This is the exact opposite. This dungeon is so amazing. It takes place on Lorule's Death Mountain, which is frozen over, and throughout most of the dungeon's entirety, you can see that it's just hovering over a seemingly endless pit with the glow of lava at the bottom. Oh, and did I mention 3/4 of this dungeon is you walking on thin, slippery platforms above this chasm? Kind of unsettling, if you ask me, especially if you have the 3D effect on. 

What really amazes me is that the entire dungeon is rendered at once. There are SO many floors to this place, (6, if I remember correctly) and they're all rendered at the same time. With absolutely no drop in frame rate! It's so stunning to be on the 4th floor and be able to see the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st's intricate puzzles all below you, along with the pool of lava way far down. The atmosphere is just sooooo... cool... (no pun intended).

Alright, naturally, I'll follow the dungeons with the bosses. The majority of bosses in this game are rehashed from A Link to the Past. However, they're all fought in entirely new ways, which totally makes up for that.

Except one. One of these is almost an exact copy from A Link to the Past. He looks the same, he's fought the same, and the only difference is that he has one new attack. I believe he's called Arrghus? 


Aside from that, there are plenty of original bosses to go around. My favorites would be Gemesaur King, a spinoff of Helmasaur King; Zaganaga, an original boss; and Grinexx, a spinoff of Trinexx. And, of course, the final battle itself is awesome.

Next up, characters.

I don't really have much to say about characters in this game, but I'll talk about a few of the more memorable ones.

First, Ravio. I had mixed feelings about him, until I finished the game. If you've beaten it, you'll know what I'm talking about. This guy is AWESOME.

And then Hilda, who is also an awesome character. She's Zelda's Lorulian counterpart, if you didn't know, and I really like her personality. Dark and lonely, but with a hint of friendliness. That is, until *spoiler alert* she tries to kill you! *end spoilers* But she did it for her kingdom, guys, for her kingdom. So that makes it okay. Sort of.

Irene's kinda... sorta... memorable. I guess. I really like her personality. She's kind of sassy, but she also truly wants to help you, so she gives off mixed emotions. She's interesting, to say the least.

Yuga's a cool villain, too. Sort of a mix between Zant and Ghirahim, I'd say. I thought Yuga was a girl, until I found out he was aguY. (Read it backwards)

Haha, that was funny, right?


No? That joke's been done thousands of times and it got old a month ago?


Well, yeah, I guess that's all I have to say about characters.

Last up is the story. Now, A Link to the Past's story wasn't really much of a story at all. You start the game looking for Zelda, see your uncle die, find Zelda, take her somewhere safe. You must find the three pendants. Plot twist! Agahnim captures the sages including Zelda, and draws you into the Dark World. You have to free the sages and kill Agahnim/Ganon. Go.

Now, I've got to say, A Link Between Worlds' story isn't much better. The beginning is a bit more interesting, and you meet Zelda when she's safe, and you can read all about the events of A Link to the Past. Then, Yuga starts to capture sages, you've got to get the same pendants, grab the same Master Sword, plot twist: Yuga got Zelda, travel to Lorule, and free the seven sages. But this portion of the game is completely nonlinear, so you really can't give it a hard time story-wise. It's hard for a nonlinear game to have much of a story. 

Until the end.

The end of the game is by far my favorite ending in a Zelda game. Out of all of them. Ever.

I'm talking higher than Link's Awakening's, Twilight Princess's, and Skyward Sword's awesome endings.

You get through the last awesome dungeon, Lorule Castle. Did I mention it has amazing music?

You confront where you think Yuga is... but what's this?

Okay, I'm going to stop for a second. This part of the story was kind of predictable for me, but it wasn't for some people, so please, stop here if you don't want this to be spoiled. Just pick up on the other side, or something. I'll have another warning.

Hilda was actually using Link to get the Triforce of Courage, so she could have all 3 pieces. She explains to Link how Lorule's Triforce was destroyed, which caused Lorule to crumble. She needs Hyrule's Triforce for the sake of her kingdom.

In other words, she turns on you. She's with Yuga/Ganon, and she summons him to kill you, so she can get all 3 pieces.

But then, he turns on her. It's like a... double-double-team... or a double-team inception...

Anyway, once you beat him, Hilda won't give up, and she tries to take your Triforce again...

Now, please, please, please stop reading here if you haven't beaten the game. This was the biggest shock for me in probably any of the Zelda games, and it's a truly magical experience if you find this out on your own. *HUGE SPOILERS*

Ravio intervenes. And he is actually Link's Lorulian counterpart. This whole time.

When I saw this, I just freaked out. I couldn't believe it. This was such an awesome experience. It's absolutely amazing.

Then Hilda realizes she was wrong, and she sends Link and Zelda back to Hyrule, and then they wish for Lorule's Triforce to come back, and Hilda and Ravio are happy. This in its entirety is an amazing ending, but...

That huge shock just stunned me. There was absolutely no way to see it coming. It just did.

Tell me what you think of this ending in the comments! Hopefully I didn't spoil it for you.

*End spoilers*

And that sums up my thoughts on A Link Between Worlds. Overall, it ranks within my top 5 Zelda games, if not my top 3. My current favorites are Majora's Mask, Skyward Sword, and Ocarina of Time, though this might just beat out Ocarina of Time. We'll see. Regardless, it's a must-have for any 3DS owner, and even for any non-3DS owner. It's really worth it. 

Do you have the game? Did you enjoy it? Tell me in the comments, if anyone's reading this. I hope so. This took, like, almost 2 hours. XD

My Four Swords Adventures copy has finally shipped, and it should be here within the next few days. I'm going to go play it at my friend's house sometime over the break.

And Christmas is just a few days away! I asked for Wind Waker HD (finally), Super Mario 3D World, a new bike, and the ALBW official guidebook. I collect these, but I'm too poor to get the huge box set with all of them, so I get them individually. They're really fun to read, for some reason...

So Merry Christmas everyone! I'm going to try to get a post in on Christmas day so I can share my thoughts and first impressions of Wind Waker HD and whatnot, but we'll see.

If you're still reading all the way down here, I'd like to thank you for reading this massive wall of text I wrote. It means a lot. :)

Happy Holidays!